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The Operr Group

Founded in November 2013 and headquartered in Delaware, Operr Group, a technology company, is dedicated to improving traditional transport service software. After more than 5 years of development, it has become a company capable of offering a full range of platform-level services with its first-class transport software. Moreover, Operr Group can provide the industry’s leading dispatching command system and first-class billing software system. The OPERR Group initially developed and marketed software tools and services for business in the transportation industry and related markets but has since developed more productivity related tools to a more general clientele. Learn more about these products on our homepage. OPERR Group has submitted over 30 patent and trademark applications to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, of which 20 have been approved, and has filed hundreds of patent applications in more than 80 countries worldwide, covering all major aspects of the traditional transport industry. (In addition to independent R&D and with independent intellectual property rights of the software system.)


  • Nov 2013 - OPERR Technologies, Inc. was founded
  • Dec 2015 - Beta version 1.0 was completed
  • May 2016 - Dispatch Service Provider license approved
  • May 2017 - Version 2.0 was completed & Market Testing performed
  • Sep 2017 - OPERR Architecture was restructured for v3
  • Feb 2018 - Beta Version 2.0 was launched for market testing
  • Aug 2018 - Billing license for OPERR Service Bureau was approved
  • Nov 2018 - OPERR Group, Inc. was founded
  • May 2019 - About 200 Car Service Companies Under Contract
  • Jun 2019 - Version 3.0 will be officially launched
  • Dec 2019 - Version 3.0 being used by bases
  • Apr 2020 - Marking progress through pandemic
  • Aug 2020 - Successfully Launched Operrwork into production
  • Sep 2020 - Successfully expanded OperrTel product line
  • Dec 2020 - Named as 10 Most Promising Transporation Solution Providers
  • Apr 2021 - Granted more patents bringing total up to 20

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