Innovative Tech

We create software tools, platforms and services for industries behind in technology or businesses that suffer from systematic inefficiencies.

Patented Products

Our products are protected by intellectual property filing across the world. To date, The Operr Group has 12 approved & 15 pending IP filings.

Strategic Development

Our development process ensures the fastest product development and deployment times when creating new software features or tools.

Welcome to The Operr Group

The OPERR Group develops and markets software tools and services for business in the transportation industry and related markets.

The Company

Founded in November 2013 and headquartered in Delaware, Operr Group, a technology company, is dedicated to improving traditional transport service software. After more than 5 years of development, it has become a company capable of offering a full range of platform-level services with its first-class transport software. Moreover, Operr Group can provide the industry’s leading dispatching command system and first-class billing software system. Operr Technologies, Inc., its subsidiary, is the first dispatch service provider (DSP) approved by the New York Municipal Government and the largest technology company in New York to provide DSP.


OPERR Group has submitted nearly 30 patent and trademark applications to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, of which 12 have been approved, and has filed hundreds of patent applications in more than 80 countries worldwide, covering all major aspects of the traditional transport industry. (In addition to independent R&D and with independent intellectual property rights of the software system.)

Competitive Advantages

Operr's competitive advantage is also reflected in:

  • positioning in the global operation of the huge growth space;
  • unique business model;
  • comprehensive cost-reducing platform for customers;
  • predictable profit prospects;
  • differentiated competition with competitors;
  • avoidance of homogenization of operations;
  • maturing main products tested by the market;
  • operation team with first-hand experience in the transportation industry;
  • better user experience of products.

  • Fully Licensed

    OPERR Group has licensed OPERR Technologies, which became the first company to be issued a Dispatch Service Provider (DSP) License in New York City allowing our platform to dispatch existing car service and for-hire vehicle fleets. We expect to obtain the DSP licenses in 2018. In 2019 OPERR Group, Inc. expects to obtain DSP licenses in the rest of the approximately 40 major cities across the United States.

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    The Operr Platform

    The OPERR® Platform provides taxi, car service, non-emergency medical transportation or any paratransit business with a complete cloud-based platform to process trip bookings from various sources, dispatch vehicles, manage their fleet and bill their accounts. All these powerful features were designed with regulatory compliance in mind.

    Product Benefits

    • Verification Automation
    • High processing speed
    • Large billing volume
    • Fewer mistakes
    • Reduced cost
    • High compliance rate
    • High customer satisfaction
    • High customer retention
    • Increased Productivity

    Product Modules

    • Customer Mobile App
    • Driver Mobile App
    • Web Reservations
    • Dispatch Portal
    • Pre-Scheduling
    • Billing Tools
    • Fleet Management
    • Telephone Module
    • Regulatory Compliance

    The Operr Success

    The OPERR Platform has been meticulously refined & is now rated as one of the Top 20 most existing Transportation Management Software providers by CIO Review

    Operr Group Success Milestones

    • Nov 2013 - OPERR Technologies, Inc. was founded
    • Dec 2015 - Beta version 1.0 was completed
    • May 2016 - Dispatch Service Provider license approved
    • May 2017 - Version 2.0 was completed & Market Testing performed
    • Sep 2017 - OPERR Architecture was restructured for v3
    • Feb 2018 - Beta Version 2.0 was launched for market testing
    • Aug 2018 - Billing license for OPERR Service Bureau was approved
    • Nov 2018 - OPERR Group, Inc. was founded
    • May 2019 - About 200 Car Service Companies Under Contract
    • Jun 2019 - Version 3.0 will be officially launched

    Our Subsidiaries

    The OPERR Group offers numerous enterprise level convertible application products and business services which are offered through Operr Group's subsidiary companies.

    OPERR Platform

    Our Dispatch Management Platform with Integrated Booking & Dispatching is perfect for any car service, limo or NEMT service provider.

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    OPERR Billing

    Our unique 'Look-Back' Billing services and software products have helped businesses recover millions of dollars lost to errors.

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    OPERR Tel

    Digitize your business phone system with professional multi-level touch-tone menus, custom extenstions, voicemail and automation options.

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    OPERR Health

    OPERR Health™ is the new standard in senior care business operations software and secure client management applications.

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